Welcome EMTs To The Weresite

Poorly Researched, Poorly Executed, Hilarious. Werewolf Ambulance is a horror comedy podcast.

Werewolf Ambulance debuted on Friday, October 24 2014 and immediately set the tone with the 1989 classic “Warlock.” Since then, we’ve covered over 400 horror movies of all subgenres, and even devoted a 2-part bonus series to the scariest movie of all time (“Titanic.”)

The podcast is hosted by Allen Ambulance (a 6’2” vegetarian) and Katie Werewolf (aka Allen's Friend). Over the better part of a decade, we’ve discussed everything from Fulci to Shyamalan to weird independent films about aliens that look like they are made of poop. We have survived a pregnancy, a live show, and a pandemic. We have had numerous guests on the podcast over the years and have also made guest appearances on other podcasts like Kill By Kill , Neon Brainiacs, and Flyover State of Fear 1,2,3.

We pride ourselves on being inclusive to everyone except shitbags, and we focus on our mantra: Being Fun is Better Than Knowing Things. So grab yourself an I.C. Light Mango and join us for some laughs and screams. The podcast does contain movie spoilers galore, so please watch the movies before you listen to the episodes if that’s a thing that bothers you!